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Effective resume writing hints

What points do the employers pay attention to? What is not so important to them?
30 seconds is an average time that is needed for an HR manager to look through…
Free CV check: what does the recruiter look for in your resume?

What points do the employers pay attention to? What is not so important to them? 30 seconds is an average time that is needed for an HR manager to look through the applicant’s resume and make the main conclusion, is it worth reading thoughtfully or not. At the same time, each…

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Advice on Good and Fast Resume Writing
21 pieces of advice on how to write a cover letter

Simple recommendations that will help you create a perfect text in form and content “Oh, a horrible cover letter”. Probably every time you sit down to write it, you think something like that. Of course, you may think: “Is the resume really not enough? Does someone read the cover letters?”.NO, resume…

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The main differences between resume and cover letter

We continue to discuss the most complex issues that arise during the job search. What to write in the cover letter, when the basic information is already stated in the resume and what is the difference between them? What opportunities does the cover letter give? We offer a few points…

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Free Resume Writing Help to Everyone
Free resume critique: 8 most common mistakes in the resume

Do you really know how to look for a job? Do you want to write a perfect resume? Check if you can find these 8 common mistakes in it.Every week thousands of new resumes are sent to our website for free resume critique. They are all very different. Moreover,…

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Perfect Resume with Free Review Experts
3 changes that will make your resume better

When you know what exactly should not be included on your resume, you need to know what exactly to improve. Change your “professional business card” and increase your chances of finding a good job.The first impression that the potential employer has about the candidate depends on the resume. However, many are…

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Free Resume Improvement - Ask Writing Experts
Free resume corrector instructions: how to look for a job?

Simple and easy guide on how to find a job: Where to start, how to write resumes, how to prepare for interviews. All this information you can find in the following article.I want to find a job. Where do I begin?Career guidance tests will help to choose a job to…

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Free 24/7 Expert Resume Help
How to create a good resume?

Your career and, possibly, your entire future life depends on how this document is written. Learn more about what you need to know in order to create a good resume.No matter how you seek employment, among friends and relatives, in newspapers or on the Internet, sooner or later you will…

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Perfect resume with free resume reviewer

The arrival of warm and bloomy spring does not mean that you should refuse all interesting job offers. Maybe you have been dreaming of a new position in a prominent company for a long time? Or would you like to start your own business and find a sponsor or affiliate?…

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5 phrases that should be excluded from your resume

Avoid these phrases if you do not want your resume to be sent into a trashcan.1. “I am the best candidate”Self-confidence and trust in your abilities is always an extra bonus for any candidate. But do not confuse your employer with the overweening conceit.2. I can work for freeAnother mistake, which…

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Welcome to our Free Resume Review website and blog!

We are happy to introduce you our Resume-Review service. We have been working on our brand-new project for a few months to create a secure place where job seekers from the whole world will be able to receive free of charge Resume review. The best professionals in resume writing sphere united their knowledge and…

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