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Effective resume writing hints

Advice on Good and Fast Resume Writing
21 pieces of advice on how to write a cover letter

These simple recomendations will help you with writing cover letter as a professional

“Oh, a horrible cover letter”. Probably every time you sit down to write it, you think something like that. Of course, you may think: “Is the resume really not enough? Does someone read the cover letters?”.

NO, resume is not enough. And YES, recruiters do read cover letters. It is a great opportunity to tell the potential employer who you are and to prove why you are the very person that needs to be hired. Is it difficult? If you want to write the perfectly formatted and coherent cover letter, heed the advice of It will greatly facilitate your task.

  • Do not repeat your resume.

Instead of repeating your experience and achievements at the previous job, use a cover letter to describe the details that were not included on the resume. A cover letter gives you freedom of action. Do not miss the chance to explain in detail the main points of your resume and tell a true story why you are suitable for the company. Use simple sentences, you can even use your sense of humor.

  • Think about things that you can do for the company.

The common mistake of many job seekers is to talk about how the company could help them to realize their dreams, and how good is the position for a candidate. Honestly, recruiters are more interested in knowing what the candidate will be able to do for the company in case of receiving a position.

  • Let them know who you are.

Apart from explaining what you did in the past, show the recruiter what you can do in the future. Carefully read the vacancy description and define what the employer needs. Write in your Cover Letter that you know everything, and know how to do it. If that’s what it is.

  • Describe your skills.

When you realize that you have the potential to do this work, but your past experience does not fully match the job, focus on your skills.

  • Do not focus on education.

Students just out of the University, as well as young professionals without work experience often describe their educational institution. But HR managers are interested in the experience of such candidates, including volunteer work or internships, especially what they will do during the orientation day.

  • Do not be sorry for the skills that you do not have.

Some candidates, realizing that their experience is irrelevant to the requirements of the vacancy, begin to find excuses, for example: “Despite my limited experience in marketing …” or “So far I have only worked as a courier…” Do not talk this way. Instead of drawing attention to your weaknesses, focus on strengths. Try also to show your enthusiasm and interest in the position.

  • Tell your story.

Why do you want to work for this company? Perhaps the products produced by the company have changed your life. Or maybe you dream to work in their office building. Do not hesitate to tell such lovely stories. But be concise and to the point.

  • Use numbers.

Use the statistics of your achievements to illustrate your professional growth and significance in the organization you worked in before.  Employers like to see numbers. It shows that you speak their language.

  • Add recommendations.

If you have excellent recommendations from former employers or clients, do not be afraid to add them!

  • Do not be too formal.

Is the phrase “I’m interested in a job and want to work in your great company” full of sincerity? Not really. It seems that it was written by a machine. When writing a cover letter, try to be yourself, be friendly, and write simply.

  • Write different cover letters for different vacancies.

If you have a template like “Dear recruiting manager, I really want to work in your company and I hope that I can realize my potential in a position of …”, delete it and never send it to anyone. Write the unique cover letter for each job offer, so that the recruiters would have a desire to respond to them.

  • Look for inspiration.

Do not know where to start? Read our inspiration articles:

1.“What are the main differences between the resume and cover letter”

2. “8 most common mistakes in the resume

3. “3 changes that will make your resume better

4. “How to look for a job?”.

These examples will really help you to find a work and create a good cover letter.

  • Do not be like everyone else.

The cover letter should not be boring, and there are many ways to revitalize it. Are you going to work in a startup? Make your cover letter creative. Most likely, your chances of getting a call from a recruiter will increase. Or maybe you are going to send your resume to a strong company with strict rules? Use the standard approach. Make sure your cover letter is coherent and properly written.

  • Try adding a heading.

Add a catchy title to your cover letter. For example: “3 reasons why I perfectly fit the position of a sales manager.”

  • Be yourself.

It’s hard to say how many applicants use the words “communicative, stress-resistant, I can work in a team” in the cover letter. Do not use the list of adjectives; try to write just like an ordinary person. If the cover letter is written honestly and does not sound like a template, then it feels right away.

  • Study the information about the company.

A cover letter is a good way to show that you understand the company’s corporate values and prove that they are not alien to you, which means that you are the one who is needed. Information can be obtained from the company’s website. Also, when writing a text, always think about the person who will read it.

  • Write a letter to yourself.

If it’s not easy for you to write, then try to write a letter to yourself from the point of view of a friend, mentor or previous employer.

  • Write short cover letters.

Of course there are some exceptions, but usually, a cover letter is no more than half a page.

  • Proofread.

Do not send off your cover letter if it is not edited. You can read it aloud to detect any possible mistakes or ask someone to read it. Just make sure that it is properly written, error-free letter.

Perhaps, the most useful thing that we can advise you regarding the cover letter is to be not like everyone else. After all, the most outstanding cover letters are written by people who are taking care of the rules but follow their heart and common sense.

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