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The arrival of warm and bloomy spring does not mean that you should refuse all interesting job offers. Maybe you have been dreaming of a new position in a prominent company for a long time? Or would you like to start your own business and find a sponsor or affiliate? In this case, you can’t go without a professionally written and good resume.

The importance of having a well-structured and professional resume cannot be underestimated. A good resume is a halfway to the interview. Resume gives you an opportunity to advertise and introduce yourself to your potential employer, show your best traits of character and skills, and prove that you are the best choice for your future boss.

Do you realize that you have approximately 10 seconds to impress a recruiter or employer? It is true that on average it takes up to 10 seconds to review a resume and consider your candidacy. Sometimes even a minor mistake can reduce this time. So you do not have a lot of time to impress your prospective employer and attract his attention with a piece of paper. A well-crafted resume is half the battle towards finding your dream job.

Your CV or Resume should correspond to the following criteria:
– Resume should be accurate
– Resume should include dates of your employment
– Resume should list years of your education
– Resume should emphasize the skills you obtained on the previous positions
– Resume should involve job titles
– Resume should demonstrate your professional growth
– Resume should be attractive and well-structured
– Resume should be catchy, etc.
In order to create a perfect resume, make sure it is properly organized and laconic. Make sure that you know 5 phrases that should be excluded from your resume. Resume should be no more than 2 pages long. It should list your achievements, skills, and responsibilities that you had on your previous roles.
However, making a good resume is not an easy task! Do you often think “I need someone to review my resume ASAP!” We offer you to try our free resume reviewer and ease your pains! Our website offers a brand new service of free resume review.  Now anyone has an opportunity to check the resume totally free of charge! All you need is to register and upload your document.
What should you do to get a free help?
– Write your resume by yourself
– Enter your name and email
– Upload your resume to a special form for a free resume critique
– Press “Upload your file” and you are done!
Within a few days, an expert resume writer will check your document.
What will you get?
– Assessment of the quality of the resume
– Brief recommendations for its improvement.
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