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Get personalized resume feedback from a professional writer. We evaluate grammar, writing style, structure and ATS compatibility of each resume, helping you boost your interview chances!

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Even experienced job-seekers often struggle to present their career history and skills to a hiring manager in a convincing and compelling way. They are not aware of how recruiters read resumes and what information is valuable for them.

At website, every job-seeker can upload a resume and receive a detailed review from a professional resume writer. The writer will point out the strengths as well as areas that need improvement. Upon ordering a resume and cover letter review, you’ll receive actionable tips to take your resume to the next level.

In a FREE resume review, we pay attention to such areas of your resume as:


Our resume writers will point out the typos, wrong use of tenses, pronouns and other popular mistakes that can deteriorate your interview chances.


The experts of our resume writing services will explain how to strengthen the writing style and make it more professional, and show how to better present your achievements.


We will notify if some elements of your resume might not open correctly in applicant tracking systems, and tell how to craft a resume that is perfectly ATS-friendly.


We will give recommendation as per resume format, order of sections, layout, and what should be added/removed for a better first impression.

We are a team of experts providing professional resume writing services. Each member of our team has 1+ year of resume experience, either as a resume writer, consultant, or as an HR manager. Our mission is to help every job-seeker to position themselves right in a competitive job market and land a dream job you deserve.

By providing a resume review service, we share out knowledge and expertise with candidates who wish to strengthen their resume but are not sure how. This service is absolutely free on our site, with no obligations from your side. If you’d like to get a professionally written resume from our experts, you can contact us with such a request.

It is quick and convenient to order your professional resume review. Just upload your file in the form at the top of the page. As a leading free resume review service, we guarantee the following:


    No need to register and complete lengthy forms. Submit a resume in DOCX or PDF format so that it opens correctly with us.


    One of our best resume writing experts will thoroughly evaluate every aspect of your resume that matters for recruiters. You’ll receive an email with detailed explanations and actionable tips.


    Our resume review service is totally FREE of charge. No credit card info needed. Review is typically ready in 3-5 business days.


    Any private information you share with us, including contact details, remains in secret. We do not store or share details from your resume.



Since we offer a 100% free assistance, hundreds of job-seekers contact us for a resume review service every day. We do our best to help everyone, but due to large amount of requests, your resume critique might be delayed. Want to get your resume reviewed today? Share our link in your social media (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn), and receive your critique in 24 hours.

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Most websites that offer quick and free resume review use AI and other software. Although a resume evaluating software can be somewhat helpful, it cannot be compared to a human reviewer. On our website, each review is scrupulously prepared by a human resume writer who has the necessary competencies and skills. Therefore, you can expect an individual approach and helpful advice for resume improvement.

Our reviewers not only point out the typos, but evaluate the resume comprehensively, predicting what kind of impression it would make on hiring managers. We evaluate accuracy of writing, order of sections, writing style and word choice, design and formatting, and more.By being highly attentive to the tiniest details, we provide actionable recommendations to strengthen your online resume and make it appealing for recruiters in your field.

Unlike many other review websites, we don’t have hidden fees. Our resume review service is fully transparent and free. Registration is free of charge as well, and no credit card information is needed. If you’ve found our suggestions helpful but are not sure in your writing skills, you can order a resume writing service from your reviewer. This is optional and totally up to you.

Our goal is beyond elimination of typical mistakes. Our experienced resume writers know what the recruiters pay attention to when browsing resumes. We evaluate every resume according to the criteria that matter for employer, and base our recommendations on employers’ expectations. Questions? You can contact us in a live chat anytime.


John, California, USA

Thank you so much for the excellent review. Now I hope to get more feedbacks from potential employers.

John, California, USA
Anna, Texas, USA

I am not good at writing, especially when it comes to resume. That is why I am happy to receive professional evaluation!

Anna, Texas, USA
Mike, Florida, USA

“Thank you for the help and support. I improved my resume according to your comments.”

Mike, Florida, USA
Jack, Colorado, Australia

Your service is really helpful and convenient. I did not expect that I can improve my resume with your help.

Jack, Colorado, Australia
Joann, New York, USA

I could not even imagine that you would do such a great job for free! Thank you for your feedback. It helped me a lot.

Joann, New York, USA
Steve, Arizona, USA

The overall impression after work with is great! Totally recommended!

Steve, Arizona, USA
Harry, Oregon, USA

It is a great idea to share your knowledge with others for free. Writers here do a great job!

Harry, Oregon, USA
Henry, California, USA

I did not expect to find free resume review online. All other companies offer only expensive writing service.

Henry, California, USA
Kim, Nevada, USA

I was afraid to send my personal information, but when I received a feedback, I decided that it is worth it.

Kim, Nevada, USA

Streamline your job search with an expert resume revie

Professional resume review can give answers to many resume questions you probably have as a job-seeker and thus improve the outcome of your job search. It’s not a secret that hiring managers pay attention to specific elements in a resume, including achievements, dates, consistency, and more. If you aren’t sure how exactly they scan resumes, you may be missing on great opportunities even if you’re qualified.

Showing your application to an experienced resume reviewer is a great first step to optimize your resume and make it more appealing for your target employers. Our resume expert will not fix minor mistakes, but rather focus on the big picture.

Firstly, upon review of the resume and cover letter, your consultant will evaluate the length and structure of the document for readability and efficiency. Secondly, we will consider the writing style, tone and the way job duties and accomplishments are presented. And finally, a resume writer will check the text for word choice, grammar and punctuation, as well as recommend what should be added or removed.

We also evaluate if your document will open correctly with an applicant tracking system. Sometimes tables, design elements, or lack of certain details can prevent you from getting high score with the system that evaluates resumes. Since 75% of all resumes get rejected by ATS, we’ll provide recommendations on how to rewrite your resume to get seen by a human recruiter.

Check your resume: Tips from the best resume writing services

According to the statistics, recruiters review each incoming resume for 7.4 seconds. You have to impress the hiring manager within a limited time frame, so your number one goal should be to avoid the most common mistakes. Here’s what you can do to check your resume for errors and improve it right now:

Optimize resume length

Most recruters agree that ideal resume length is 1-2 pages. A one-page resume is good for entry-level professionals and those making a career change. A two-page document is perfect for experienced job-seekers and managers. If your document is longer than 2 pages, consider removing old jobs or irrelevant details.

Remove cliches and buzzwords

People often write career summaries using words like “go-getter, proactive, result-driven, team player”, etc. It’s best to avoid such words whatsoever, and instead list specific results or areas of expertise. A top resume shows specific results rather than gives loud claims.

Add powerful resume verbs

Don’t overuse words like “managed, responsible for” and others when describing job duties. Vary the word choice for better readability. Use such great resume words like “orchestrated, directed, initiated” as they emphasize your impact and contribution.

Focus on accomplishments, not tasks

To truly impress the recruiters, pay special attention to results and achievements over work history. Add figures, percentages, number of people you managed, and more. If you provide specific results, you will be seen as a competent professional and a result-oriented individual, which is valued highly by employers.

Keep job descriptions concise

There’s no need to fit all your professional experience into one resume. Ideally, the resume should be targeted for a specific job posting. So, you can confidently remove the irrelevant or not very important job duties. Ideally, each job description should take 6-7 bullets.

Add relevant skills

It is helpful to add a skills list to a resume because such a list summarizes your main qualifications, and the recruiter can scan them quickly. The ideal place for Skills section is above professional experience. However, make sure that you can explain how you used each of these skills in your professional activity.

Use an online spell checker

Employers don’t like resumes full of typos and poor grammar. So, it will do you any harm to proofread the written resume using a spell checking software. Online tools can fix typos, missed commas, incorrect tense and other writing issues. Of course, this isn’t an interview guarantee, but a well-written resume will definitely increase your chances.

Don’t stretch the truth

Sometimes job-seekers add qualifications they don’t have or claim to have worked for some famous company just to get an interview. Such an approach might bring you an interview invitation, but the consequences are unpleasant. Once the recruiter does a background check, you can miss the chance for a job.

Do you need a professional resume writing service?

A resume writing service means that you get a personalized assistance from a well-trained and experienced resume consultant. They don’t explain how to improve your resume and instead create a new resume for you from scratch. Of course, the new resume is done in line with your career goals and considers your expectations. If, after a free resume review, you need some additional help, you can contact the reviewer for paid resume services.
Want to boost your interview chances FOR FREE? Upload a resume for a detailed professional evaluation today.

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