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Effective resume writing hints

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The main differences between resume and cover letter

5 distinctions between resume and cover letter

We continue to discuss the most complex issues that arise during the job search. What to write in the cover letter, when the basic information is already stated in the resume and what is the difference between them? What opportunities does the cover letter give? We offer a few points to pay attention to.

  1. The length

The cover letter should be short, but at the same time concise. Its size should not be more than half of the page, while the text of the resume may take even two pages.

  1. Soft skills

The cover letter does not copy the resume but gives the opportunity to enhance it. In addition, here you can not only emphasize your competency and achievements but also draw the employer’s attention to your soft skills that are important for this position.

  1. More about motivation

In the cover letter, you have an opportunity to demonstrate your interest in the vacancy, show enthusiasm, and convince the employer that you have great motivation to work toward a result. This is especially useful if you do not have enough experience to obtain a position. For example, if you are looking for a job after graduation from the University or when you decided to change the sphere of activities.

  1. Responsive resume

We have already discussed How to create a good resume and how important it is not to make a “one-size-fits-all” document when it comes to resume writing. Therefore, it is important to create a resume for each position you are applying for. Analyze the demands of the vacancy, answer for yourself the question what exactly the company is looking for, and compare these requirements with your professional background. Show that your experience, skills, and personal qualities will be useful at this position and for this company.

  1. Formatting

The resume has a complex structure in which you present information about your professional skills, work experience, education, give the employer the necessary additional information. The cover letter consists of several paragraphs in which you briefly explain who you are, why you would like to work for the company and why the company should hire you.

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