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Effective resume writing hints

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3 changes that will make your resume better

A few resume writing advice on how to improve your resume

When you know what exactly should not be included on your resume, you need to know what exactly to improve. Change your “professional business card” and increase your chances of finding a good job.

The first impression that the potential employer has about the candidate depends on the resume. However, many are convinced that this is not the main thing. Like, there is no difference whether you have a good resume or not if you are an expert with years of experience. Unfortunately, this is not quite true. If the resume is not written correctly, it is not structured and not substantial, then it has too little chances to match the search requests of the recruiters.

Is your resume on the shelf for months on the job search site, and you do not receive calls from HR managers and they do not invite you for interviews? If your answer is “YES”, then this article is for you. shares tips on how to change the situation and get a new job.

  1. Write several CVs for different vacancies

How do recruiters search for the candidates on job search sites? Let’s say a recruiter is looking for an accountant. He enters the name of a particular position in the search bar and selects the candidate from the attained results. If you have only one resume and a position is indicated differently, for example, an economist or a financial manager instead of an accountant, then it may not catch the eye of a recruiter.

Therefore, create several CVs for different vacancies. If you are an accountant, then write at least three resumes: an accountant, an economist, a financial manager. This will work only if you understand the features of each of the professions and are ready to work in such position.

Do not combine all positions in one resume or add other notions that are not relevant to your professional field. For example, a salesman, a veterinarian, a copywriter. Especially do not use the following phrase: I am ready to consider all the options for work.

  1. Work experience is not only about your job responsibilities

Recruiters are not very interested in the fact that the accountant at the previous work drew up invoices, the lawyer drafted contracts, the journalist wrote articles, the seller sold the goods. The HR manager is not interested in the enumeration of the official duties, but he is looking for the results achieved by the candidate during a certain period of work. Here is the rule that really works: “He could do it then, he will do even more for us”.

Describing the employment sheet, do not limit yourself to answer the questions: “Where did I work? What was my position? What did I do?” Ask yourself more in-depth questions: “What did I do for the company? What did I achieve?”. Do not hesitate to indicate all achievements that you have done at this job. Give examples of your effectiveness, state how many budgets you have saved and how much money you have earned.

Why is it important? The recruiter looks through the endless list of resumes on the job search websites. Unfortunately, the majority of applicants provide almost the same data: somebody worked somewhere and did something. Then it is difficult to distinguish a good specialist among such a ruck. Stand out, show your results, prove your achievements with facts and figures.

  1. The last place of work must be mentioned first

The “Work Experience” part should begin with a description of your achievements at the last job or your current place of work.

Why is it important? The recruiter looks specifically at the latest experience of the candidates. If it meets the vacancy requirements, then the document is saved, if not – it is ignored.

Write several resumes for different positions, talk about your achievements at the previous place of work providing facts, put the last job in the first place. Then, you will have all chances to get a desirable position.

And the last advice from Be yourself at the interview and demonstrate your experience and professionalism.

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