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5 phrases that should be excluded from your resume

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Avoid these phrases if you do not want your resume to be sent into a trashcan.

1. “I am the best candidate”

Self-confidence and trust in your abilities is always an extra bonus for any candidate. But do not confuse your employer with the overweening conceit.

2. I can work for free

Another mistake, which mainly makes applicants with little experience, but a great desire to build a career. They are ready to work “for the sake of the company”.

3. I do work for charitable causes

It is not necessary to disclose how much exactly you earned in the previous company. Also, do not speak in a rude manner about your precious time and do not overestimate your efforts and abilities.

4. “Have strong interpersonal skills”, “tolerance to stress”, “result-oriented”, etc.

Such phrases can be found in the greater part of the resume templates available online. They have nothing to do with personality and personal approach.

5. “I cannot work in a team”

“I cannot work in a team”, as well as phrases “I can be late, as I live in the countryside”, or “I have 8 children, who get sick very often”, do not put your best foot forward. Of course, honesty is a good treat of character, but do not come it too strong. All in all, there are a lot of tricks and peculiarities in resume writing. Our experts are mastering them perfectly.

Do not use these phrases in your resume if you do not want to lose out with the interview

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First of all, let me thank you for posting. I really like the publication. I am happy for a good free resume writing service to be recommended. Professional help is always appreciated.



There are things, which are required to be put into the resume. This publication is different. It tells about what should be excluded and I appreciate it greatly otherwise, I would write down loads of things, which should not be mentioned.

I was looking for this kind of information and I am so happy to find it finally, you cannot even imagine. Thank you guys, for posting!